Pastoral Council News

Introducing the 2019-2020 Pastoral Council

St. Martin of Tours is blessed to have the following parishioners on this year's council: 

Ken Keefer (Chairperson), [email protected]

Patti Pluta (Vice Chairperson), [email protected]

Rosemary Karnowski (Human Concerns liaison), [email protected]

John Howard (Finance liaison). [email protected]

Tom Van Handel (Prayer & Worship liaison), [email protected]

Paul Rotzenberg ( Stewardship liaiason), [email protected]

Joyce Schlachter (Christian Formation liaison), [email protected]

Tien Pham (Vietnamese liaison),

Char Goehring, [email protected]

Ex-Officio:  Fr. Terry Langley, SCJ; Fr. Joseph Quang Tran, SCJ; Dave Flynn and Bob Mihm (Trustees)

Please keep the work of the council in your prayers.


Pastoral Council Minutes - 1/24/2018; 4/25/2018; 5/23/2018; 6/27/20188/29/2018; 9/26/2018; 10/24/2018; 12/5/2018; 1/23/2019; 2/27/2019; 3/27/2019; 5/29/2019; 6/26/2019; 8/28/2019; 9/25/2019; 10/23/2019; 12/4/2019; 1/22/2020; 3/4/2020; 5/27/2020; 6/24/2020; 8/26/2020