Love One Another Campaign

What is the Love One Another Campaign?

The Love One Another Campaign is to prepare for the next generation of Catholics in our 10 counties of southeastern Wisconsin. Its goal is to raise pledges totaling $150 million for needs in our parishes, helping the poor, and providing new and strengthened Catholic ministries across the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Campaign Update

Parish Goal: $1,098,989
Total Pledged: $1,156,085
Percent Goal Pledged: 105%
Number of Pledges: 270
Parish 60% Share: $659,393
% of Participation: 30%
Participation % Goal: 30%

(If we surpass our goal, we will receive an even greater percentage of the funds raised in our parish for our needs listed below.)


The Love One Another Campaign is a plan to:

  • Strengthen every parish.
  • Increase vital ministries serving thousands each year.
  • Support education and formation for our children.
  • Grow charitable outreach of the Church to those in need.
  • Support our priests, deacons, seminarians, and lay ministers.Your dedication and commitment through your contribution to this campaign will have a significant impact on so many important ministries—helping our local Catholic communities and beyond.


A Letter from Fr. Andrzej

Love One Another Campaign Website


Love One Another Video 

Helping Fund the Needs of St. Martin of Tours:

  • Repair and re-pavement of our parking lot
  • Maintenance of our roofs, HVAC systems, school, and church buildings
  • Replacement of Administrative office HVAC and upgrade the security system
  • Technology and A/V upgrades for the church, narthex, and hall to include the addition of a loop system and recording/streaming system for the church. 

Give Now

To pledge to the Love One Another Campaign, click HERE. Please make sure to click 'Yes' to the question "Do you belong to a parish?" and select G31 - St. Martin of Tours Parish - Franklin.

Campaign Prayer

Almighty and ever-living God, we thank you for your blessings in our life. We praise you for your goodness and generosity.
Help us to live as stewards of your grace and love,that through prayerful work and sacrifice we may bring your love to our families, parish, and community.
We humbly pray for strength and fortitude to follow your great commission: to go make disciples of all people,
living our faith through word and deed.
Inspire in your people generous hearts to strengthen the mission of our parish, to serve those in need,to support vocations, and to educate our children through the Love One Another Campaign.
Guide us in this important campaign, watch over our efforts to help build your Kingdom here on Earth, and give us joy in serving You and Your Church now and forever.

Vietnamese Love One Another Campaign Dinner